Just read that question from the female gooner. I didn't know girls could goon lol. So instead of getting stupid on cock, they get stupid on clit? Or how does it work? - Anonymous

Hello curious-anon,

It’s something of a somewhat new fact to us as well. We had heard stories but up until yesterday we had never “met” a female gooner. One thing we know for sure is that girls can edge… so we assume they can also get stooopid on pussy. Or perhaps, as you put it, get stooopid on their clits. Eitheir way we’re glad women can experience the gooning nirvana. It’s simply amazing. So amazing that we created a website like TGR to spread the word on the subject.

Goon on,
TGR Staff

Hey man....i'm so hard seeing my pic get reflagged. Do u want more of me? Tell me what u want and i'll do it and send it in. - charlie1209

Hello charlie1209,

We’re confused. Didn’t you ask us to remove your picture just a few days ago? We have stated before that once you send a picture, we can’t always wipe if off from the face of the internet.

Goon on,
TGR Staff

Are there other pages like this one? With pictures of goons? I'm a girl and I goon and I love seeing pictures of men gooning. - gooninggirl

Oh, wow! Hello, gooninggirl! That’s a first! We have never seen or heard from a female gooner before. Although we must confess we have seen pictures of women that were “theoretically” gooning out but we were never sure about it.

We actually don’t know any other page as great as TGR. :) That is: there are  some other pages that do post pictures of gooners every now and then but nothing that’s exclusively about gooning like our website. Throughout the years we have seen people trying to do what we do, but so far we are the only that really succeeded. We are definitely the #1 source for all things gooning.

Feel welcome to visit us as much as you want..

Goon on, lady!

TGR Staff

Kansas City Jacks on Gooning


… Some bators enjoy gooning, the faces you might make (often with tongue hanging out, wild eyed) and grunts and groans that often accompanies. Sometimes this overlaps with something called monkeybating, which is gooning (faces and sounds) to the point of tapping into some really primal part of yourself where you lose all sexual shame you’ve been taught and just enjoy the pleasure derived from your penis…

It is lovely to hear the opinions of others on the subject gooning. It is important to point out though that gooning isn’t the “faces you might make” while masturbating. A lot of guys “make faces” but they never really delve into the “deep tantric masturbation” sensation that is gooning. A gooner makes those faces because he’s so taken by the sensations afforded by his penis that he no longer can control his reactions and responses. And KC Jacks brought up a very good point: gooning does overlap with monkeybating. Although - in our understanding - it’s the act of gooning that connects you to the “really primal part of yourself where you lose all sexual shame you’ve been taught and just enjoy the pleasure derived from your penis,” so we affirm that that isn’t the state of monkeybating’s exclusivity. In the end, monkeybating is just the action of going an extra mile and really embodying that primate condition of when men where devoid of modesty and shame regarding their sexuality. Monkeybating is just a way to act like an animal that, more than anything else, wants to achieve pleasure and enjoy it.

We invite you to share your thoughts on the subject and join the conversation.

Goon on,
TGR Staff

When a gooner cums…

From the series: I fucking goon.

Pleas remove my pic ASAP!

Reply: So why did you send it then?

Any place in the house is a good place to sit down and goon out like there’s no tomorrow! Get stooopid, gooner!

From the series: I’m a gooner and a TGR follower.

I love using poppers to enhance my goon. do you know how long they last? I keep them in a dark dry place, but I don't know how many times I can sniff em before I should replace em. - Anonymous

Hello anon,

We asked master gooner Lanson1969 to answer this one for you. He says that "as long as you can feel the ‘fucking’ popper effect on you" you can still use them. By his own experience, "it depends on the poppers, the bottle cap and how you use the poppers - short or deep sniff." We aren’t very acquainted with poppers so we don’t know if they have expiration dates and such. But we trust master gooner Lanson1969 has just given you the best answer you can find. If something else comes to our knowledge on this subject, we will update this post, okay?

Goon on,
TGR Staff

that snapchat boy moaning while gooning. yumm. fuck i want to see more of this kind of stuff. didn't know gooners came this young - Anonymous

Hmm… we don’t know which post you’re specifically referring to, but we trust your word, anon.

Goon on,
TGR Staff

Im gooner an feeling hot - adrians1979

Hello adrians1979,

More power to you then!

Goon on,
TGR Staff

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